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FAQ: Image

How long will it take to build my custom cabinet?

It can take up to a month depending on how many orders are ahead of yours.

Can you make a cabinet with more than 2 feed dispensers?

The maximum number of feed dispensers that will fit in a 25lb cabinet is 2. A 50lb cabinet can have 1, 2, 3, or 4 feed dispensers. *NOTE : A 3 dispenser cabinet will be asymmetrical.

Do you offer shipping?

Yes but it is expensive. For example, to ship a 50lb capacity cabinet from Nashville MI (where the cabinets are built) to Houston TX, the FedEx quote is $117.62 minus packaging cost. Want it overnight? - $772.01. We do deliver locally and you're welcome to pick up your cabinet.

Do the 2 dispenser cabinets dispense the same amount of food on each side?

No. The dispensers are fully independent of each other. For example: One side can dispense 1 meal per day while the other dispenses 8 meals. One side can be turned off while the other is on.

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